Since 2015 we’ve come together annually with experienced OD professionals to learn from each other, share insights and further develop international approaches and methods for OD and Coaching. 2018 we spent as a year of exploration within the INOC Core Team to identity areas and topics related to the future of OD and Coaching.

We are now focused on expanding the INOC Think Tank and growing its Community in order to co-create the future of OD across disciplines, generations and cultures. With this aim, INOC is becoming a dynamic, international movement driven by the people who think and act together within the INOC Community.

INOC events

15./16. November 2019
30. November - 03. October 2020

Upcoming INOC & ODNE
Connect Group Meetings

The INOC and ODNE leadership teams have partnered to create a joint Connect Group designed to foster our shared values and build our dynamic community. Our first meeting was 11.02.19 in Munich and we’re planning more in different locations across Europe in 2019.

Reasons to built up the INOC + ODNE Connect Group in 2019

09. December 2019

Interested in facilitating a future INOC+ODNE Connect Group meeting?

If you can answer yes to these 3 questions, please contact Tim Nash (
1. Are you an active member of INOC and/or ODNE?
2. Do you have a topic you’d like to explore with fellow INOC and/or ODNE members?
3. Is your topic aligned with our shared value of advancing the theory & practice of OD & Coaching?

We’re looking forward to learning from and with you!

Upcoming events
of our partners

#EODF 10th Annual Conference

Theme: Designing and Leading Technology-enabled Organisations

Date: October 25-26, 2019.

Location: The Lensbury, United Kingdom

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The Pre-Conference

The Conference will be preceded by 1 day of pre-conference workshops (24th October) featuring sessions with subject matter experts from around the world aligned with the conference topic.

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Future ODN Europe Events

Find out what events are taking place in the OD network.

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