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INOC stands for International Network for Organizational Development & Coaching. We are a group of especially engaged and enthusiastic Coaches, OD professionals and appreciative disruptors. To think about and act on the future of organisations, work and leadership we joint as an international Think Tank. On international stage we are partnering up with ODN Europe in London as well as the European Organisation Design Forum. In the frame of this partnerships we are organizing Connect Group Meetings in Europe.

The Core Team

To realize the vision and mission of INOC a group of international OD practitioners and coaches who share the same values, work together as a team - our so called INOC Core Team. It builds the heart of the Think Tank. 

The Core Team members are Experienced Consultants as well as professionals from the field and universities. Since the foundation of INOC the constellation of this Core Team has varied. After the INOC Meeting 2017 we came together in a team of former and new Core Team Members:

The Steering Board

The INOC Steering Board guides and supports the Core Team by facilitating frequent team and INOC interactions, including the quarterly meetings and yearly Congress.  In addition, they see it as their role to make decisions pertaining to logistical and financial matters that go beyond the scope of the Core Team.  The board meets regularly to discuss how to foster and promote the INOC community and mission. 

The INOC Steering Board is currently formed by:

The Founder
and The Host

About Bernd Schmid
Bernd Schmid is one of the most renowned representatives of systemic consulting, systemic coaching and systemic transactional analysis. His concepts and models for professionalization and personal development of people and organizations are fundamentally anchored in the repertoire of coaching and systemic consulting.

In 1984 Bernd Schmid founded the isb Wiesloch. Today it is one of the most renowned systemic training institutes in the field of organizations in the German-speaking world. For more than 30 years, managers and specialists have been qualified in systemic consulting, coaching, team and personnel, organizational and cultural development, in the management of organizations in change processes and the fit between people and organizations.
About Markus Schwemmle
Markus Schwemmle is Partner & Cofounder of system worx. As a systemic consultant and coach he mainly works with leaders and managers to help them develop  and succesfully transform their organizations. In national and international training programs he accompanies managers of all levels at the development of their leadership skills including strategic skills, personal skills and their positioning as a leader.

Besides being a consultant and coach, Markus also fulfills the role as a trainer at the isb Wiesloch. This is also how he came to INOC - first as a member and since 2016 as the new host.

partnering up

The European Organisation Design Forum builds and advances the community, practice, and leadership of the field of Organisation Design and its strategic role in the connectivity to other disciplines.

The cooperation between INOC and EODF started in 2019 and we are looking forward to develop our relationship and build strong connections.

Learn more about EODF

ODN Europe is the European Chapter of the Organization Development Network, an international professional association of organisation development practitioners.

In our 2016 meeting, the Cooperation between INOC and ODNE (Organization Development Network Europe)  was developed some big steps further. Together with Gifford Tanser and Maxine Craig, delegates of ODNE, we designed the further cooperation between INOC and ODNE.

INOC will not become a membership organization, but stay an international network and an informal meeting point for  discussing latest developments in the organizational field. However, for those of you, who are interested to be connected to the world of OD, we full-heartedly recommend to become a member of ODNE.

Learn more about ODNE