The Core Team

Get to know the INOC Core Team

Actual members of the INOC Core Team in alphabetical order:

Susanne Auer
Marcus Berghoff
Dr. Christine Gindert
Klaus Haasis
Bernhard Hauser
Silke Heerwagen
Thomas Klug
Ulrich Lenz
Veronica Lillo-Roith
Sven Lübbers
Timothy P. Nash
Marein Orre
Susanne Schimmer
Carina Schneider
Markus Schwemmle
Monique Spann
Thomas Westerhoff

State: 02/2018

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If you want to help shape the future of OD & Coaching as a member of the new Core Team, please send an E-mail to

INOC's founder - Bernd Schmid

Dr. Bernd Schmid initiated first LEARNING CONVERSATIONS with meetings in Oxford, Heidelberg, Florence and a Coaching conference in Porto Alegre Brazil. Turning more to an  Organizational focus the network changed into INOC and these meetings were continued.  Since then a INOC Taskforce was established and is now taking over responsibility as the so called Core Team.

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