The Core Team

To realize the vision and mission of INOC a group of international OD practitioners and coaches who share the same values, work together as a team - our so called INOC Core Team.

Get to know the current INOC Core Team

Since the foundation of INOC the constellation of this Core Team has varied.

After the INOC Meeting 2017 we came together in a team of former and new Core Team Members:

Susanne Auer
Marcus Berghoff
Dr. Christine Gindert
Klaus Haasis
Bernhard Hauser
Silke Heerwagen
Thomas Klug
Ulrich Lenz
Veronica Lillo-Roith
Sven Lübbers
Timothy P. Nash
Marein Orre
Susanne Schimmer
Carina Schneider
Markus Schwemmle
Monique Spann
Thomas Westerhoff

Soon we will present you more informamtion about each Core Team Member.

State: 02/2018

Contact us to become a Core Team member

If you want to help shape the future of OD & Coaching as a member of the new Core Team, please send an E-mail to

INOC's founder - Bernd Schmid

Dr. Bernd Schmid initiated first LEARNING CONVERSATIONS with meetings in Oxford, Heidelberg, Florence and a Coaching conference in Porto Alegre Brazil. Turning more to an  Organizational focus the network changed into INOC and these meetings were continued.  Since then a INOC Taskforce was established and is now taking over responsibility as the so called Core Team.

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