Dr. Bernd Schmid

Bernd Schmid was born in 1946. He studied economics and earned his doctorate in education and psychology in 1972 from the University of Mannheim, Germany.

He is the founder and head of the Institut für systemische Beratung (institute for systemic consulting, isb) Wiesloch, Germany. Bernd Schmid lives in Germany with his wife (who is a medical doctor and psychotherapist) and they have two children.

Special Interests: Systemic teaching, professional development, organizational culture.


  • Co-Founder and Honorary President of the advisory board Deutscher Bundesverband Coaching (German Coaching Association, DBVC) since 2003.
  • Teaching Member (Barcelona 1986) of the International TA - Organisation ITAA.
  • Teaching member of other societies in the field of psychotherapy, coaching, supervision, systemic consulting as well as organisational and personal development.
  • Founder and longstanding chairman of the Gesellschaft für Weiterbildung und Supervision (Association for adult education and Supervision, GWS). Honorary member since 2013.
  • Member of the supervisory board of the University of education, Heidelberg 2006-2010.
  • Co-Founder of the International Network for Systemic Transactional Analysis – INSTA 2011
  • Co-Founder of the leading German association for Business-Coaching, DBVC (founded 2004). His focus has been on humanistic oriented Business-Coaching and he has served in several roles until today.
  • Co-Founder of the International Network for Organization Development and Coaching (INOC, founded 2014). INOC is setting up an international network for dialogic organization development approach and organizational coaching, acting pro bono and on an equal eye level with international colleagues.
  • Founder and head of the Schmid-Stiftung (founded 2011), a foundation, which is dedicated to integrating profit and nonprofit sectors of society and strengthening responsibility and sustainability in a humanistic oriented economy. The foundation organizes know how transfer between these sectors and develops integrated concepts and approaches.
  • Member of the editorial board and columnist for the Journal for conflict dynamics, Klett-Verlag since 2012.


  • Life achievement award 2014 for excellence in adult education
  • Honorary member of the Systemische Gesellschaft (German Systemic Association).
  • Winner of the ITAA international Eric Berne Memorial Award (San Francisco 2007) and the European scientific award of EATA (Blackpool 1988).