Dr. Bernd Schmid

Bernd Schmid is one of the most renowned representatives of systemic consulting, systemic coaching and systemic transactional analysis. His concepts and models for professionalization and personal development of people and organizations are fundamentally anchored in the repertoire of coaching and systemic consulting.

Bernd Schmid is psychologist, didactician and concept developer, always with the desire to improve existing relationships. He consistently reacts to "dogmatism and unreflected one-sidedness, opportunism and sluggish habits in concepts and procedures, in worldviews and images of man and behaviour on the market" with the development of alternatives, which he advocates with great conviction. He is always on the lookout for what is profitable for the respective thing.

Based on this conviction, he founded isb GmbH in Wiesloch in 1984 and laid the foundation for various associations and professional communities. One of them is the International Network for Organization Development and Coaching (INOC). Bernd Schmid has received numerous awards for his work.

More about Bernd Schmid you find here on the isb website.

Papers, methods, models, videos and audios of and with Bernd Schmid you find on the isb campus.