About isb Wiesloch

The isb, founded in 1984 by Bernd Schmid, is one of the most renowned systemic training institutes in the field of organizations in the German-speaking world. For more than 30 years, managers and specialists have been qualified in systemic consulting, coaching, team and personnel, organizational and cultural development, in the management of organizations in change processes and the fit between people and organizations.

isb´s reputation is due to its extraordinary learning culture, its innovative concepts and methods plus the isb network of professionals which comprises approximately 5,000 graduates from all sectors of the economy (including 85% of DAX companies) as well as other companies. In the isb campus, isb also offers its materials (scripts, models, videos, audios, cklick-to-transfers) to the international professional community for free.

In 2011, Bernd Schmid also founded the Schmid Foundation, the partner organization of the isb, where professionals with isb training make their know-how available to charitable organizations on a pro bono basis.

The isb offers a wide range of curricula and seminars such as:

  • Systemic consulting and management in organizations
  • Systemic coaching and team development
  • Systemic OD and change management
  • Systemic consulting for young professionals
  • Systemic personnel development and learning culture

All information and dates can be found on the isb website.