INOC Meeting 2017

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The International Network for Organization Development and Coaching is pleased to invite you to attend its third annual conference: The INOC-Meeting 2017.

This year’s meeting will take place from November 10 – 11 in the Kolpinghaus in Munich, Germany.
It will be hosted and organized by system worx and isb Wiesloch in cooperation with ODNE.

Same same but different

Each year members of the International Network for Organization Development and Coaching (INOC) come together with experienced OD professionals and experts to learn from each other, share insights and develop international approaches and methods for Organization Development and Coaching. 

Also in 2017 we'll foster international exchange between OD professionals and experts.
But this year we also want to do some things differently.

Multidisciplinary points of views

Instead of creating a conference that ist exclusively designed for and realized with OD professionals and experts, we will open the meeting to people from business, government and universities that are experiencing challenges in these VUCA times and  in general to people interested in and inspired by the field of OD and Coaching as well. The focus will be on multidisciplinarity and different practical points of view.

Co-creation & mutual commitment

Co-creation is one of the values that is characteristic for INOC and shall be even more reflected in the INOC Meeting 2017 than already during the two conferences before. Therefore we set our mind to participation.

With this conference we are especially adressing people that are willing to engage and work with us during the meeting to produce outputs. We do not promise to have standard or ready answers on how to deal with todays challenges. Instead we think, it is valuable to raise and work together on some of these wicked problems since the solution may be in the process itself, in working together and learning from and each other.


Another aspect that is different than the years before is the way we present the information about the WHAT, WHO and HOW of the INOC Meeting.

Instead of presenting you a perfect and completely elaborated brochure that already contains all the information about the topics, the speakers and the sessions, we will gradually update you on this website.


The INOC and ODNE Meeting 2017

Why should you join the dialogue?

Joining the dialogue on the INOC Meeting 2017 you will...

  • become part of a strong and value based international network
  • have the opportunity to shape the future of OD and Coaching in an international framework
  • experience a profound and authentic exchange with OD experts and inspired people
  • be able to prime your professional profile and strengthen your position on the market
  • profit form surprising synergies that might emerge, when experienced and inspired people meet

Why do we want you to join the dialogue?

We want you to join the dialogue on the INOC Meeting 2017 if you are...

  • COMMITTED! to help people, groups and organizations improve how they feel and perform.

  • CURIOUS! about and interested in helping people and organizations become better.

  • PASSIONATE! about learning and development.

  • ACTIVE!-ly participating in the conference and contributing to it.


If you can identify with what we offer as well as what we expect, feel invited to the INOC Meeting 2017.

To be part of the INOC Meeting 2017 please register using the INOC registration form on our website or sending us an Email to


As explained at the top of the page, we will gradually provide you with more detailed information about WHAT, WHO and HOW. Thus during the next few weeks the spaces below will be continuously filled with the details of your interest.

Also the INOC Meeting itself will be an exPEERiential journey that we want to create in cooperation with all the participants.

This years topics

INOC is, as its name says, an international network for OD and Coaching. As such we identify topics, that in our opinion are important in the field of international OD and Coaching.

This year we want to invite you to join the dialogue and work with us on the following three topics:


Use the Slack Team "INOC Meeting 2017" to co-create with us already before the meeting!

While registerting and  curiously waiting for more detailed information, you can already start participating by sharing ideas, express wishes or give input referring to the INOC Meeting and its topics via slack.

Tell us, why you are interested in participating and what you could contribute to the meeting in advance and meanwhile.

Key figures of the INOC Meeting 2017

Date & Time

The INOC Meeting 2017 takes place from November 10 – 11, 2017.

Start: Friday, 10th of November 2017 at 10 a.m.

End: Saturday, 11th of November 2017 at 3 p.m.

The two days at a glance

More detailed information about the What, How and When of the two conference days will be given soon.

10:00 Welcome & Connecting --- work streams --- 13:00 Networking Lunch (1,5 - 2h) --- work streams --- 19:00 End of Day 1 20:00 Dinner & Socializing
09:00 --- work streams --- 12:30 Brotzeit --- work streams --- 15:00 End of the Meeting


The INOC Meeting 2017 will take place in the banquet hall of the Kolpinghaus München-Zentral in Munich, Germany.

Tagungszentrum im Kolpinghaus München-Zentral GmbH
Adolf-Kolping-Straße 1
80336 München

Dress code: comfortable

Doing things differently we also agreed on a dress code that is different than one might expect.
Instead of the typical "business" or "business casual" looks, please wear what ever is comfortable for you.


Conference fee

The fee for the 2 day conference is € 450,- (plus VAT)

The prices include conference meals & beverages, conference dinner and all administrational cost.
Expenses for hotel and accomodation are not included.



Please use the INOC registration form on our website or send us an Email to


Contact & support

If you have any questions or are in need of support, send an e-mail to Carina Schneider.



Impressions from the last INOC Meetings

Impressions from INOC 2016

In 2016 more than 40 OD- and Coaching-Professionals joined the second conference in Wiesloch (near Heidelberg). They started a movement and the building of an international network of like-minded people who share believing in the same values and wish to tie together Dialogic OD and organizational Coaching. In the second conference INOC was aiming to identify the latest developments and issues in OD and Coaching and will be discussing ways to Rethink OD and Coaching on an international level. on



Impressions from INOC 2015

More than 40 participants, among them professionals from leading international companies and universities, came together in Wiesloch, Germany on May 29 and 30, 2015 to discuss their views and experiences of the meeting's leitmotif "Dialogic Organization Development and Organizational Coaching".

The agenda was packed with inspiration! on



The event

Each year, members of the International Network for Organization Development and Coaching (INOC) come together to learn from each other, share insights and develop international approaches and methods for organization development and coaching. The third international INOC meeting will be hosted and organized by system worx munich and isb Wiesloch in cooperation with ODNE.


The 3rd INOC Meeting will take place on November 10 – 11, 2017 in Munich, Germany.
to be announced
Professionals and coaches who want to share and develop international approaches of organization development.