Impressions from INOC 2017

The International Network for Organization Development and Coaching (INOC) is a community based initiative that wants to help connect OD professionals internationally. We want to reunite Organizational Development and Organizational Coaching while fostering humanism and culture. Each year, we come together for an INOC meeting to learn from each other and continue to further develop INOC approaches and methods. The 3rd INOC meeting took place on Friday, 10th and Saturday, 11th of November 2017.

Almost 60 people joined the dialogue at this years INOC Meeting and came together at the Kolpinghaus Zentrum in the city center of Munich for two days.


Friday we started with a warm welcome from this years new host, Markus Schwemmle (system worx, partner and managing director of the institute), who gave an overview on the two days and introduced the Core Team of INOC.

Elisa Alberto and Mirjam Seher started with the first stream ‚Intercultural encounter & Building bridges’ to get the diverse group of participants started. Answering the following questions in a "speed dating" we started to get into contact with each other and create a basis for the co-creative processes ahead?

  • What am I especially looking forward to in the next 1.5 days?
  • How much intercultural/ international experience do I have?
  • Which impact does culture have in my daily work?
  • Which culture has the biggest impact in who I am and why?

Sven Lübbers and Monique Spann along with Tim Nash and Frieder Ittner continued with the second stream ‚Cultural diversity in OD’ and shared their take on how to get a grip on the many different ways to look at OD from various cultural backgrounds. In a co-creational netWORKING lunch, we developed an ‚OD forest’ in order to deepen the understanding of dealing with OD in different cultures. Within working groups everyone got together to discuss and afterwards the results where shared.

Steve Hearsum (ODNE) started off his contribution to the day by allowing everyone to jump from head to heart and afterwards shared his insights on cultural differences in OD contexts within his take on ‚Experiencing intervention with Steve Hearsum’.

Group discussions lead to ideas about cultural differences and similarities between UK and the rest of Europe (EU).

Bernhard Hauser, Klaus Haasis, York Schneider-Mey, Susanne Auer and Mike Pedler introduced the third stream ‚Dealing with autocrats’ by sitting in front of the audience, leaving them with nothing but the question: ‚The Return of the Autocrats?’.

‚What can you learn from your feelings as community?’, they asked afterwards. After diving into the topic by giving room to the emotional aspects, we shared our feelings and experiences with each other.

In the evening we rounded down the day with a dinner, during that we shared our impressions of the first half of the meeting and continued our discussions.



Saturday we continued with the third streamMike Pedler shared theoretical background of critical action learning, linking it to the Frankfurt School and critical theory. After building the ground for further discussion, we formed several groups to talk about different approaches on how to deal with autocratic behaviour as well as autocrats within our society.


With his Key Note, John Scherer, introduced ‚The Giants of OD.’ to us. By asking ‚What Were They ‚Up To’ that might still be relevant in our multi-cultural world?’, he explained to us the origins of Organization Development.


We closed the INOC Meeting 2017 the same way we started it: Reflecting and discussing the impressions in small groups and afterwards sharing them with everyone, to even deepen the learnings regarding International OD and Coaching.

Inspired by those two days we are looking forward to next years' INOC Meeting!