INOC Congress 2019

After the Meeting is before the Congress

Since 2015 we annually come together with experienced OD professionals and experts to learn from each other, share insights and develop international approaches and methods for Organization Development and Coaching

In the past, we created a series of learning events which was designed and facilitated by OD colleagues from the INOC network. For the next step we plan to organize the first larger OD & Coaching congress. It will take place from 13th-16th November 2019, probably in Barcelona.

More information is coming soon.

The Future of OD

While we mainly dealt with the roots of OD during our last INOC Meeting, in 2019 we want to focus on the future of OD and Coaching.

As already mentioned above, we intend to integrate multidisciplinary perspectives on the future of the future and reflect on how the different scenarios could influence organizations, OD practitioners and humans in general.

For this congress, we will not only invite OD & coaching practitioners but representatives from many disciplines: Management, Business Consulting, Personal Development & Education as well as Science & Politics.

2018 - A year of exploration

Asking ourselves the question "What areas and topics do we need to explore in order to design a learning event regarding the future of OD?" we identified five fields of importance:

  • Underlying, influencing forces
  • Foundation of organizational practices
  • Inside Organizations: success factors to move organizations one step further
  • Development of OD
  • What’s beyond...? Perspectives on future

Within sub-teams we will explore this fields during 2018 to come up with a learning event that integrates different persepctives on the future of OD.

We will come up with more information about the INOC Congress 2019 soon.