International Network for Organization Development and Coaching

The International Network for Organization Development and Coaching (INOC) aims to support people and organizations in their professional contexts with new interdisciplinary approaches. Our mission is to reunite Organization Development and Organizational Coaching while fostering humanism and culture.

Each year, we come together for an INOC meeting to learn from each other and continue to further develop INOC approaches and methods. The first INOC meeting took place in May 2015 and it was a great success!

Mission, Vision & Values

Our mission
... is to create an international movement which combines humanistic and business approaches with a clear organizational focus!

Our vision
... is an international network of professionals and organizations, who work together across national and disciplinary borders to develop a modern concept of Business Coaching and Organization Development – based on humanistic values.

Our values

INOC and ODNE are partnering up!

In our 2016 meeting, the Cooperation between INOC and ODNE (Organization Development Network Europe)  was developed some big steps further.
Together with Gifford Tanser and Maxine Craig, delegates of ODNE, we designed the further cooperation between INOC and ODNE.

INOC will not become a membership organization, but stay an international network and an informal meeting point for  discussing latest developments in the organizational field.

However, for those of you, who are interested to be connected to the world of OD, we full-heartedly recommend to become a memeber of ODNE.

Contact us to become a member

If you would like to join INOC, please send an E-mail to