Think Tank for Organization Development & Coaching

Why we do what we do

The International Network for Organization Development and Coaching (INOC) aims to support people and organizations in their professional contexts with innovative interdisciplinary approaches. As an international Think Tank for Organization Development and Coaching

  • ...our mission is to create a Movement which combines and develops Organizational Development and Coaching while fostering an inclusive culture supported by humanistic values.
  • ...our vision is to co-create the future of Organization Development and Coaching within an international, interdisciplinary and intergenerational Community  of OD professionals.

How we do it

Since 2015 we’ve come together annually with experienced OD professionals to learn from each other, share insights and further develop international approaches and methods for OD and Coaching.

2018 we spent as a year of exploration within the INOC Core Team to identity areas and topics related to the future of OD and Coaching.

We are now focused on expanding the INOC Think Tank and growing its Community in order to co-create the future of OD across disciplines, generations and cultures. With this aim, INOC is becoming a dynamic, international movement driven by the people who think and act together within the INOC Community.

What we do

For the next step we plan to organize an INOC Mashup Meeting Munich 2019 where we will discuss the important questions regarding the future of OD and Coaching[Learn more]

Building on what derives from the Pre-Congress, we will organize the first larger International OD & Coaching Congress in 2020. During the INOC Congress we will explore answers to the relevant future-related questions and “co-create the future”. [Learn more]

We will frequently meet both personally and virtually at European INOC + ODNE Connect Group Meetings to foster the Community and facilitate peer group learning. [Learn more]

Who is doing it

  • The INOC Core Team currently builds the heart of the Think Tank. The Core Team members are Experienced Consultants as well as professionals from the field and universities.
  • Silke Heerwagen, Tim Nash and Markus Schwemmle form the INOC Steering Board.
  • Bernd Schmid as the founder and Markus Schwemmle, since 2016 the the host of INOC.
  • Partnerships are a key success factor. One important partner that is supporting us to live and realize our vision is ODNE - Organization Development Network Europe.

Join the Community!

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